Use these ways to get over from your Crush

Crushes are hard to avoid and we know this for sure. To deal with them is also very tricky sometimes. But at some point, having a crush is better than being in relationship. However, to get over a crush is quite difficult.

how to get over from your Crush

So, today we tell you some ways to get over from your crush:
1. No Interaction On Social media: Their constant feeds on social platforms might not let you forget him. So block them on social media.
2. Cons List Can Help You: Make a list of cons about him. Write everything on a notepad that you hate about your crush. Remember write only cons not pros.
3. Choose Friend Over Crush For Messaging: Instead of texting those who won’t reply you back, text them who cares for you like your friend.
4. Avoid Anger: Don’t waste your energy on a person who doesn’t care for you. You liked him, he didn’t, so move on. There is no sense in showing your anger.


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