This New WhatsApp Feature Is All Set To Save Millions Of Relationships

With WhatsApp implementing new features every now and then in their beta updates, the messaging giant has rolled out the Pin Chat feature. With this, the user can pin the chat they want to see on top of their chat screen. The pin chat feature will basically help in quick access of their most loved conversations.
WhatsApp is already working on Live Location feature along with its own payment platform.
With this update, you are definitely not going to miss any text from your girlfriend because she will make sure she is always on top.

But, there still are many other things about the feature that you must know.

The new update is available on WhatsApp Android Version 2.17.162 and above. The user can pin up to three contacts at a time because the unread messages should have some room to appear. Unpinning is also very easy, with the pin option appearing on long-press on the particular chat block.
The user can pin and unpin any chat for countless time with ease. 

The pinned chat will appear with a different pin symbol on the right end of the particular chat block, to make it easier for the user to identify which chat is pinned and which isn’t. 
The update is in beta and the user may see it in the final update every soon.

Relationship saver! isn’t it?

WhatsApp is also working on its own payment platform, which will be based on UPI.

Users might see a revoke message update in the very near future. Especially, iOS users.


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