This Magician Calls A Random Girl On Stage, But What Followed Next Made Her Regret Her Decision

Magic tricks delight everyone from children to grandmas. The beauty of a magic trick lies totally on its secrets. Since our childhood, we all have a kind of excitement to see the impossible happening in front of our eyes.

That is the reason when a magician calls for a volunteer from the audience people never miss this chance. The same was in the mind of this girl when the magician called for a volunteer.

In Wes Barker’s magic show, the magician calls a volunteer from the audience for his next magic trick. Then a young girl out of her curiosity for magic tricks came on the stage. However, what followed next was something that made her regret her decision.

He made her sign a currency note with her initially. And in the blink of an eye the note disappeared. In order to find the note signed by her, the magician asked for her purse.

He started searching for the signed note in her purse. But instead of the note, he found packets of condom, a vibrator and her inner wear in the purse. This was a magic trick done with a pinch of fun. So you shouldn’t feel about bad her.

Watch This Magic Trick Here 

After what happened on the magic show, we are sure that she would never go on stage again.


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