This Indian Fitness Trainer Has Butts Like Kim K And The Internet Is Going Crazy

Wondering what pure motivation is? Check out the Instagram profile of Indian fitness trainer Harj Hadani who is also a mother of two. A nutritionist, a fitness trainer and a full-time mother, Harj is the Kim K of India with butts like that. Thanks to her smoking hot pictures on the social media, this hot mommy has gained all the attention on the internet.

 In between dropping off her kids to picking them up in the evening, Harj finds time to hit the gym and work out like a pro. She focuses on the importance of a healthy diet and says that if you eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle then weight loss automatically follows.
She also has her own website Skinnyroti in which she offers meal plans, recipes and her version of Indian food. Harj Hadani is all the inspiration you need to get the body of your dreams.
Being healthy is being sexy. Agree?

That booty inspires me to workout more.

 She is no doubt one hot mommy.

Did anyone say only men can lift weights? Well..

Need some motivation? Go follow her on Instagram.

She also offers meal plans and recipes on her website skinnyroti.

She has one of the best bodies you will see on Instagram.


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