These Images Display The Basic Differences Between Trump And Obama

Barack Obama was replaced by a man who is his opposite in many obvious ways — party affiliation, upbringing, and ethnicity. They might have had a job in common on their CVs, but Trump and Obama are worlds apart in pretty much everything else.  First of all, Obama is a Democrat and Trump is said to be a Republican and this change will have a far-reaching impact on domestic policy, foreign relations and even ceremonial functions.It’s very important to observe what people do, not just what they say, as actions do tend to speak louder than words!

These are much-shared comparison photos that have received comments on social media of people saying how different the two men seem to be just as people, not counting politics.

We bring you the primary differences in many areas of Trump and Obama through these images.

#1 1. Both from different backgrounds and having different approach

Obama is an African American and a natural leader with vision and integrity, who worked his way up from humble beginnings to become the President of America and kept himself from any corruption or scandal, by serving his country. Obama has some political experience before becoming President. Obama always supported race and gender equality,
Trump is a Scottish-German-American. the privileged son of a millionaire who has had everything handed to him on a golden platter and managed to become President despite having the wrong temperament, a background full of scandal and controversy and has zero political experience before becoming President. Trump has a history of racist remarks and sexist behavior.

#2 How Donald Trump and Barack Obama reacted to the London terror attack

Here’s Donald Trump’s tweet

The tweet was certainly heartfelt and was pretty basic fromTrump, though it did not contain any obvious falsehoods, hashtags, spelling errors or misplaced punctuation, it did lack a certain…something.

Here’s Barack Obama’s tweet

This is how a leader should respond to a tragedy, by focusing on “the victims and their families” and expressing a sense of unity with the community impacted.

#3 One Man Is Not Like The Other

Pam Bondi who is the Attorney General of Florida is not seeming to pay much attention to the fact she isn’t covered at all by the umbrella he is holding over himself.
Obama, on the other hand, is purposely walking ahead getting soaked in the rain while leaving his aide to hold the umbrella over his wife, Michelle.

#4 All Is Fair In Sun And Rain

Trump seems very protective of his wife, Melania, though he does make sure she’s covered by the umbrella. His hand at her back seems to guide her movements
Obama makes it a point to always have Michelle’s back wherever she chooses to go on her own and Obama striving to keep her dry from the rain.

#5 Sheltering one and all

Trump chooses to hold the umbrella only over himself and Melania, despite a large amount of space still left under the oversized umbrella.

When there are two other people, Obama consistently will hold his umbrella so it covers all three of them as much as possible.

#6 Sharing and Caring 

Despite New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s strong campaign support, we see Trump again just focused on keeping himself dry. It’s all about Trump for Trump.

Sharing umbrellas seem to run in the Obama family. 

These differences between the two are too much to be ignored.


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