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Sunny Leone Takes Up A Creepy Cricket Stump Challenge! What Happens Next Shows How Brave She Is

After stunning everyone with her fabulous performance in Raees, Sunny Leone is here to please all cricket fans. She did some awesome commentary with Sunil Grover in UC Masala Commentary Box and made the IPL match all the more spicy. She also joined Sehwag in the commentary box ; if that’s not enough, Sunny is […]

Everyone Wants To Come Home To A Woman Like Jaylene Cook After A Long Day At Work

Jaylene Cook Our ‘Hottie of the week’ is Jaylene Cook. She recently got into a bit of trouble posing nude on a mountain in New Zealand and we can see why. This woman is a fireball of sexiness! Feel good Fridays ??? • w/my man @thejoshshaw ❤? A post shared by Jaylene Cook (@jaylenecook_) on […]

Ever Wondered Who Is The Oldest YouTuber In The World ??

Inspiration The internet is considerably a huge platform in modern times. It is giving a push to too many talented individuals who showcase their work on platforms such as YouTube, through videos. Some of the most famous YouTube videos talk about Unboxing new products, gadget reviews, comedy, music videos and cooking classes. Following this trend, […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid A Serious Relationship In Your 20s

Twenties is that part of life wherein either you make yourself, or break yourself. And truth be told, a serious relationship is one of the biggest deal breakers.  It’s not even hard to realize that how many times it has held you down when you could have taken a flight of dreams and aspirations. If […]

Fitness Blogger Reveals What Happens When You Don’t Shave Legs And Pits For 1 Year To Promote Natural Beauty

Fitness blogger Morgan Mikenas probably saves a fortune in razors. She also probably has a lot more free time than many of us. Why? Because in order to promote natural beauty, the fitness blogger has gone an entire year without shaving her body, and here are the results. “I’m not trying to make all of […]