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Guy Reported Dhinchak Pooja To Delhi Police For Not Wearing Helmet & See What Delhi Police Replied!

After getting bashed for Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj, Dhinchak Pooja decided to test the patience of people further and released a new song “Dilon Ka Shooter Hai Mera Scooter”. Well, Dhinchak Pooja has surely raised the bar of cringe music with this song as after hearing it for the first time, I personally started […]

Justin Bieber Was So Done With The Humidity, He Left India Without Even Putting On A T-Shirt

We all have just been hearing about Justin Bieber and his Mumbai concert for what seems like an eternity now. First, it was his huge list of crazy demands, then the gift he would be receiving while here made a lot of news. There were also a lot of talks about his plans on touring […]

Justin Bieber Lip Synced Throughout His Concert And Fans Are Angry, VERY ANGRY

DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai witnessed more than 50,000 people, who spent thousands of money to attend Justin Bieber’s concert. Bieber started his day with some interesting activities, he spent his time with underprivileged kids, played football with them and had a nice time. Bieber fever was so high that fans from all across India […]

6 WTF Pictures You Could See All Day – Smartphone Generation

Have you ever heard yuccie? Yesterday I read it on the net and I can’t controlled my laughter after my reading. No.. yuccie is not any famous girl, but if you’re a hipster, you can call yuccie (Young Urban Creatives) as your twin soul. But apparently this new breed is more famous than the old […]

PYSCHO GUY EXPERIMENT PRANK || GuY Trying To HiT PeopLe on The Street ||

In This Video we do a pyschological social experiment or you can say that college prank in which a pyscho guy is trying to hit random people passing on the street. check out the people reactions on this pyschological social experiment or college prank Watch the video till the end for take i am sure […]