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Ever Wondered Who Is The Oldest YouTuber In The World ??

Inspiration The internet is considerably a huge platform in modern times. It is giving a push to too many talented individuals who showcase their work on platforms such as YouTube, through videos. Some of the most famous YouTube videos talk about Unboxing new products, gadget reviews, comedy, music videos and cooking classes. Following this trend, […]

15 Sculptures Breaking the Laws of Physics – Smartphone Generation

Throughout the world and even on the Internet — say hello to modern technology — you can discover stunning sculptures. Their creators simply destroyed all the traditions that ruled the world of fine art. We at Smartphone generation take our hats off to the masters who make impossible things real. 1.Underwater sculptures, Mexico © Scuba Catalog 2. Involution 3. Runner, Greece © G Da […]

From A Delivery Boy To A Multi-Millionaire, Iyyappa’s Story Will Inspire You To No End

Flipkart, the e-commerce giant, has not just changed the e-commerce market of India but also changed lives of many people and Ambur Iyyappa is one of them. from rags to riches  Iyyappa comes from a town in Vellore district, Ambur, which is famous for two things, delicious biryani and the leather industry. Iyyappa completed his […]