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10+ Pics Taken Seconds Before Disaster That Will Make You Feel Pain Just By Looking At Them

Sometimes somebody takes a photograph so perfectly timed that it can never be recreated, no matter how hard you try. Like that moment the dog decides to puke on you while you’re taking a selfie for instance. Or that moment somebody gets hit in the face by a flying cup of soda at a music […]

The Most Amazing And Funniest Booty Shaking GIFs Of 2017.

It is fascinating how people observe girls in different countries and culture. In some culture the frontal beauties of the girls are noticed more than often and in some other countries, the back of the girls becomes the topic of conversation. In most of the western countries, a girl try to show off her back […]

These 18 Awkward Chats Will Surely Blow Your Mind With Laughter

We all have friends and some people that we argue with and sometimes argument becomes so interesting that they can entertain us later so we take screenshots of them. Some people like us took screenshots and shared them with us so that we can show them to you guys. Here are some funny WhatsApp chats […]

Justin Bieber Was So Done With The Humidity, He Left India Without Even Putting On A T-Shirt

We all have just been hearing about Justin Bieber and his Mumbai concert for what seems like an eternity now. First, it was his huge list of crazy demands, then the gift he would be receiving while here made a lot of news. There were also a lot of talks about his plans on touring […]

10 Creative And Funniest Pictures That Proves Smartness Of Indian Kids

India is a great country and you find many things that you cannot think about person of India. Like in India you can find many amazing thing in kids who are so much smart that you cannot think. They belong to poor culture but they have great creative skills. Their minds are sharp and can […]