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Photographer Celebrates The Beauty Of Women’s Bodies With a Spectacular B&W Photoshoot

Doing a nude portrait photoshoot with women is definitely no child’s play. It borders on a very delicate line that differentiates art with obscenity. With Russian photographer Anton Belovodchenko, however, this form of photography seems like cakewalk.His work primarily consists of carefully creating natural forms with nude female figures. The photos, as a result, have […]

Everyone Wants To Come Home To A Woman Like Jaylene Cook After A Long Day At Work

Jaylene Cook Our ‘Hottie of the week’ is Jaylene Cook. She recently got into a bit of trouble posing nude on a mountain in New Zealand and we can see why. This woman is a fireball of sexiness! Feel good Fridays ??? • w/my man @thejoshshaw ❤? A post shared by Jaylene Cook (@jaylenecook_) on […]