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Burn Your Bra Join The Revolution #freethenipples

burn your bra #freethenipples

A lot of ladies have love-despise relationship with their bra. The lashes can delve into your skin. In case you’re little chested, a bra can #freethenipples appear somewhat pointless, since it pretty much fills in as a bit of non-useful unmentionables worn amid attractive time. In the event that you are blessed by the gods, […]

7 Embarrassing Fashion Trends We Wish Would Disappear

The world has been through some pretty interesting fashion fads in recent years. While some will stand the test of time, some need to be relegated to the past (or the trash can) where they belong. Here are a few of the fashion trends that Smartphone Generation would rather not have see the light of […]

The 29 Most Iconic Female Dresses of All Time – Smartphone Generation

It is amazing to see how quickly the fashion industry changes and creates new trends. What’s ’in’ this season will be ’out’ a year or two from now. But some clothing styles are so versatile, elegant, and chic that they remain fashionable and practically unchanged for decades. Today, we here at Smartphone Generation have decided to look back at the most unforgettable dresses that have shaped […]