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Justin Bieber Was So Done With The Humidity, He Left India Without Even Putting On A T-Shirt

We all have just been hearing about Justin Bieber and his Mumbai concert for what seems like an eternity now. First, it was his huge list of crazy demands, then the gift he would be receiving while here made a lot of news. There were also a lot of talks about his plans on touring […]

She is the ‘Most Kissable’ actress in Bollywood

Bollywood has always been competing with western movies industry Hollywood and therefore we do whatever they do. In this competition to prove that we are not behind in any way, we adopted their policy of entertainment. Therefore kissing scenes are a pre-requisite now a days in Bollywood movies. There was a time when audience used […]

भारत के इस प्राचीन शहर के नाम पर आधारित है बाहुबली का माहिष्मती साम्राज्य

बाहुबली के प्रशंसकों को इसकी अगली कड़ी के लिए लंबा इंतज़ार करना पड़ा। नेशनल अवार्ड्स जीत चुकी एसएस राजामौली की इस फिल्‍म की दूसरी कड़ी ‘बाहुबली 2: द कंक्‍लूजन’ दुनियाभर में रीलीज़ होने के साथ ही धूम मचा चुकी है। इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं है कि बाहुबली के साम्राज्य माहिष्मती के इर्द गिर्द रची गयी […]

This Is How Famous Baahubali Characters Look Like In Real Life! They Are Way Too Different!

Baahubali 2 has proved to be a landmark movie in Indian cinema. The film is not just creating new benchmarks, it has created new rules for Indian filmmakers and upcoming films. When we were dreaming about 50 – 60 crores opening day for Indian films, Baahubali 2 released and proved that even double is possible. […]

Zaheer Khan To Wed A Royal Princess!

Delhi Daredevil Skipper and former Indian Cricketer Zaheer Khan got engaged to his long-time girlfriend actor Sagarika Ghatge. The Couple took social media to announce this adorable news with all her fans! Post this news the newly engaged couple are constantly been asked the question if they have locked down a final date for getting […]

10 Reasons Why Sunny Leone Deserves As Much Respect As Any Other Famous Celebrity

When it comes to acceptance, we Indians are a bunch of hypocrites. The people who call her names, blame her for ruining the Indian culture, disrespect her for her choice of profession are the ones who Google ‘Sunny Leone hot’ as the clock strikes ten in the night. We’re a nation obsessed with Sunny Leone and, yet, cannot […]

Sonu Nigam’s Tweets On Azaan Get Him Into Trouble! Now, An FIR Is Lodged Against Him

Sonu Nigam  Sonu Nigam is in the news for all the wrong reasons this time. The most favorite singer of the nation is facing flak for his recent Twitter rant against the morning Azaan. Well, Sonu Nigam, in general, tried raising concern over the use of loudspeakers in mosque and temples. Now there has been […]

Aww! Sridevi shares the cutest childhood photos of daughter Jhanvi on birthday

Sridevi and her daughter jhanvi kapoor Bollywood actress Sridevi has wished her daughter Jhanvi on her 20th birthday in the cutest way! Sridevi took to Instagram to share a collage of childhood photos of her daughter Jhanvi and we bet they will melt your heart! While posting the collage, Sridevi wrote, “Happy birthday to my […]

WATCH: Disha Patani’s hot, sensual moves to Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You

sensual disha patani Disha Patani Have you watched Disha Patani dance? Of course, you have. But have you watched her dance and being this hot at the same time? You didn’t. Disha Patani, The MS Dhoni: The Untold Story actor and rumoured girlfriend of Tiger Shroff, recently took to Instagram to share a video of […]