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23 Pics Woman Continues To Hilariously Recreate Celebrity Instagram Photos

Remember Celeste Barbar – the Australian comedian known for amusingly recreating celebrity Instagram pics (previously here, here and here)? Well, she’s back with some new photos, and they’re hilarious as always.This time, her ongoing series called #CelesteChallengeAccepted features celebrities like Beyonce, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid. Though the Instagram-famous pictures of these celebs may be […]

Does This Pic Of Women In Bath Look Normal To You ??..

Some pictures look very normal in the first look but when you look closer, you may find something that not everybody sees. Your mind starts thinking that there might be something suspicious that’s why you are being asked to take a second look. Here we are talking about the picture of a group of women […]

Meme Recap : The Hottest Memes From 2017 That Made Us Laugh Our Asses Off

“Existence is nothing but a meme” 2017 started with a bang when the Hollywood sign was changed to Hollyweed, making it the first meme of the year. Since then, so many memes have come and gone. Let’s take a look at the funniest ones from this year. #1 Salt Bae Turkish restaurateur Nusret Gökçe posted […]

Awesome Body Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Maybe you have a tickle in your throat that just won’t leave you alone? Or perhaps you need some immediate relief from a nagging toothache? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” then these awesome life hacks are for you. They come from a […]

10 Outrageously Expensive Things That Prove Vanity Is Immortal

Some objects are able to amaze not only by their ingenuity or design but also with their ridiculously high price. Smartphone Generation brings you a list of 10 enormously expensive everyday things we think you should see at least once. #1 A condom by Louis Vuitton This luxury costs $68, and it’s the most expensive condom in the world today. The funniest thing about […]

16 Situations That All Parents Can Relate To

Meet Liesbeth Ton — an illustrator and greeting card designer from the Netherlands. She has three children, and her comics about the various challenges of being a parent read like an autobiographical novel. To celebrate 10 years of motherhood, Liesbeth has published a collection of her best works. These hilarious comic strips tell stories that […]

Marble Lips Are The Newest Makeup Trend Going Viral On Instagram

If you liked last year’s body marbling trend, wait till you see this new makeup trend that we just can’t get enough of – marble lips!The new makeup trend is popping up all over Instagram with tons of different makeup artists marbling on their pout. Some are making a basic white and gray marble effect, […]