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10+ Pics Taken Seconds Before Disaster That Will Make You Feel Pain Just By Looking At Them

Sometimes somebody takes a photograph so perfectly timed that it can never be recreated, no matter how hard you try. Like that moment the dog decides to puke on you while you’re taking a selfie for instance. Or that moment somebody gets hit in the face by a flying cup of soda at a music […]

This Is How Our Favorite Foods Look in Their Natural Habitats

We know how to harvest potatoes and apples. There are other fruits and vegetables, however, which have natural habitats we can barely imagine. We see these items in the grocery store every day, but often we have no idea how they got there. Smartphone Generation gathered a few photos that will show you how these […]

From A Delivery Boy To A Multi-Millionaire, Iyyappa’s Story Will Inspire You To No End

Flipkart, the e-commerce giant, has not just changed the e-commerce market of India but also changed lives of many people and Ambur Iyyappa is one of them. from rags to riches  Iyyappa comes from a town in Vellore district, Ambur, which is famous for two things, delicious biryani and the leather industry. Iyyappa completed his […]

These 8 WhatsApp Chats Will Make You Go Laugh Like Crazy

We all have friends and some people that we argue with and sometimes argument becomes so interesting that they can entertain us later so we take screenshots of them. Some people like us took screenshots and shared them with us so that we can show them to you guys. Here are some funny WhatsApp chats […]

The Most Amazing and Dangerous Freestyle Stunts Done In Real Life

 Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner will jump from an air balloon floating 120,000 feet above Earth in an attempt to be the first human to break the speed of sound in free fall. After leaping from the capsule, the 43-year-old adventurer hopes to reach 690 mph, or Mach 1. If successful, Baumgartner will be immortalized in the record […]