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“Height Of Insanity ” This Russian Girl Takes The Most Risky Selfies Ever.

Meet Angela Nikolau – a Russian self-taught photographer who takes the most dangerous selfies ever. Angela is always looking for new challenges and adventures, and while she’s at it – she doesn’t forget to take a selfie (or ask someone to photograph her). From standing on the edge of a skyscraper to laying down on […]

This Is How Our Favorite Foods Look in Their Natural Habitats

We know how to harvest potatoes and apples. There are other fruits and vegetables, however, which have natural habitats we can barely imagine. We see these items in the grocery store every day, but often we have no idea how they got there. Smartphone Generation gathered a few photos that will show you how these […]

These Photos Of Young World Leaders Before They Became Big Will Take You Back In Time

Celebrities and famous figures around the world have always kept us asking for a sneak-peak in their dramatic life. It’s so hard to imagine them, today’s world leaders, as simple teenagers with all the innocence in the world. Most of us probably have a very vivid picture of how they looked when they were, but we […]