Can Shah Rukh Khan do better than Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? Vote Now

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Shah Rukh Khan as Wolverine? What do you think?

What if SRK was offered the role in the next instalment.. Do you think he will be able to do justice. Take our poll…

Logan has just released and Hugh Jackman, the hero of the film, who’s otherwise famous as Wolverine in the X-Men series told the media that he would want Shah Rukh Khan to continue the franchise as the new Wolverine.

Jackman, who owned the franchise for the past 17 years thinks SRK will be able to pull it off, after he leaves. His swan-song as Wolverine – Logan released this Friday and is gaining appreciation from all corners. When asked if he would be okay with someone replacing him as Wolverine, Jackman said, “I think I will be fine with it. I hope other people play it. Maybe Shah Rukh Khan can play it.”

Now, Shah Rukh too has sent out a witty reply to the Hollywood star. In response to a tweet, SRK wrote that he would first have to grow some chest hair before taking the roll on. Now, that’s quintessential SRK for you!

What do you think? Will SRK be a good replacement for Hugh as the new Wolverine? Will he be able to pull it off. VOTE now!

Can Shah Rukh Khan do better than Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? Vote now!

Yes, Totally!No Way!


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