7 facts No one told you about Pulse candy

In the event that you haven’t popped this Pulse candy in your mouth yet, you likely had been living under a stone. The confection’s tart taste is maybe the main thing that has astonished both Arvind Kejriwal devotees and Modi supporters. Also, on the off chance that you are the one , who has been having this tart kachha aaam since months, you may very well be agreeably astonished to know these 7 truths about Pulse which you never knew.

 #1 Almost 50 pulse candies have been sold every second since its launch(8 months ago).

 #2 Idea of making PULSE Candy came to owners while playing CANDY CRUSH.

 #3 The demand of Pulse  is so high that it is selling at 50% higher price in black market.

 #4 There are more than 10 fake variants of the Pulse candy – BEAT, PLUSS etc.

 #5 Pulse is one of the few products in cluttered market which did 100 crores of business in 8 months without any marketing budget.

 #6 Pulse went against the grain by pricing it for Re 1 while others like Mango Bite, Alpenliebe were at 50 paise. This lead to better margins.

 #7 The DS group team took 2 years of research to come up with this kachha aam with rocksalt flavour

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