19 Things Every Twenty-Something Should Have On His “F*ck It’ List”

The twenties are the most fun yet the toughest phase of life. Well, whether it’s a pleasant ride or a time full of worries and insecurities depends on your attitude. And the simplest way to make your golden years the best years of your life is by giving zero fucks to the things that hold you down. If you are in your twenties, here’s the ultimate ‘Fuck It’ list you should follow.

Grades don’t determine your success, period. Learn things to help you in your life, not just on an exam sheet. It’s your will and focus that will take to heights of success, not your grades.

You love her. She doesn’t. Hold it inside and let it kill you slowly or bury the feeling and move on. She isn’t with you because she was never meant to be. Like they say, love the one who loves you. 

In life, shit happens, and love is often a reason for it. Sometimes things work out but happy endings are mostly a far cry. So what? Pull yourself back together and march on. If it ended, it was never true love, and there are better things ahead.

Let the world judge you for all it wants. If you will care about everything they say, you will not be able to get anywhere in life. Be you your own guide and do whatever you like and think is right.

Didn’t get promoted? Not being paid what you actually deserve? Boss too biased? Well, professional failures happen and it’s best to realize this reality. Don’t let these failures sink you low; rather use them as motivation to do better at work.  

No, you don’t have to abide by societal norms. Align with the society and join the herd or take the path less travelled and be an example. We say, choose the latter! 

La Familia- Family first!  Let go everything you hold against your blood ties. They are the ones who will stand by you in times when even the best of your friends will bail out on you. 

It is simple – no expectations, no hurt. The vicious circle of getting hurt begins from expectation we have from people around us. It’s best to keep realistic expectations – from life as well as from people.  

Thin. Short. Tall. Fat. Fit. Skinny. It’s never about what’s on the outside. At the end of the day, people will stick to you only if you have a good heart. So, stop body shaming yourself! 

Partners are meant to lift you up, not hold you down. A relationship which you think is restricting your personal growth deserves to be trashed, once and for all. 

Your thoughts are not going to change your future. Your actions will. It’s better if you think and act and not overthink yourself into depression.

You love your family but that doesn’t mean they have the authority to push you into matrimony against your will. It’s your life and ultimately your choice when to get married. 

You are what you are. A fake mask might hide the reality but soon you would have to come to terms with it. Don’t stifle your happiness by trying to pretend as someone you are not. Embrace your true self.

Comparisons will only get you stressed and worsen your performance. So stop comparing your life with the life of others. Nobody has had the same set of struggles.

It is okay if you are a non-vegetarian and your family is hardcore vegetarian. It is okay to marry the person you love even if they belong to another religion. Don’t be a slave to religion. What’s important is to be kind to others.

Never do something just because your peers are doing it. You are an individual and your peer group doesn’t define you. What they are doing doesn’t matter; what matters is what YOU want to do.  

Have a fancy car or the most expensive smartphone? Well, nobody cares! Show-off will only attract hate and that’s a bad bargain for showing off things you probably haven’t even bought from your own money.

If you are married, enjoy your life. Make the most of the time you have without the responsibility of a child. Strengthen your bond as a couple without using a child as the binding force. You will get a lot of time to make babies but not a lot of time to discover each other once that baby comes in your life.

Don’t like me? Well, sadly I don’t have enough fucks to give about that.


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