16 Outrageous Things That Are Possible Only in Dubai – Smartphone Generation

All of these phenomenal are trivial for Dubai natives, but to us they seem like computer graphics or Hollywood special effects.

We at Smartphone Generation reveal them to you…slightly regretting we’re not Arab sheikhs.

#1 In general, indulge in every pleasure! It’s the custom in Dubai.

 #2 Incredible Views



 #3 King Size Jeeps

Dubai king Size Jeep

 #4 Here’s how to get across the city if you don’t like traffic.

 #5 The police patrol the streets in Bentleys, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis.

 #6 The entertainment here is also exotic. For example, robot jockeys racing camels.

 #7 Dubai residents get cheetahs and tigers instead of cats

 #8 Gold is respected here.

gold car in dubai

 #9 Instead of chocolates, you can buy gold bars in vending machines.

gold vending machine

 #10 For those who run out of money, there are shelves with free food in local supermarkets.

free foods in dubai super market

 #11 And for those who have enough money, there are lots of ways to spend it. For example, order a dessert with edible gold for $1,000.

 #12 Stay at a hotel with an aquarium wall.

aquarium wall in dubai hotel

 #13 Play huge Tennis

 #14 Go Surfing

Surfing in dubai

 #15 Or go skiing in the world’s biggest mall when it’s over 50°C outside.

ice skiing in mall

 #16 Buy a Faithful Horse.

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