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At the point when kids turn youthful, at that point the possibility of losing their virginity turns into a vital calculate their life. Numerous youths arrange and many anticipate that it will be sentimental, important and easy with somebody giving it a second thought and sweet. In any case, many likewise know the way that the most exceedingly terrible thing about losing their virginity can be odd, clumsy and agonizing. Virginity turns into an enormous impediment and disgrace for these adolescents and after that all they wanna do is dispose of it quick and proceed onward with their life. 

It is not critical as to which is the correct age to have $3x, yet being OK with your body, confiding in your accomplice and being completely mindful of the circumstance before you continue to lose your virginity by means of $3x. Along these lines, don’t sit tight for a glorious sign or a sign from somebody, everything needs to originate from you. Most likely, $3x happens rationally and physically, however by being strained and frightened, at that point the first run through experience winds up plainly hard to appreciate.

Smartphone Generation reveal you people’s experience of the hilarious and worst thing that happened to them when losing their virginity.

#2 It’s Over

Everything was going smoothly, the caressing, the kissing, the fondling but, when the time came to penetrate, within a second I ejaculated half way up her vagina. She asked ‘Is it gone in’ and I answered ‘It’s over’

#2 Oops! Wrong Door

With all the excitement and the rush to get over with this virginity stuff, in the bargain, I made the wrong entry by knocking on her backdoor, instead. She jumped up with shock and that was the end, for both it was a huge turning off.

#3 Ziploc Condom

This great moment happened just behind the alley of a grocery market, and none us were prepared with a condom, but for our rescue, there were plenty of Ziploc bags lying around, then what? Made use of what’s available, converted one the bag into a condom shape, that’s it. It worked.

#4 Baby Rythm 

Needed a boost up during the session and there was my radio when I tuned into the channel guess what? The Ice Ice Baby number was on and I took that song as my booster and started thrusting according to its rhythm and my girl was just Wow! Baby Wow! This virginity losing moment will always be remembered, by both of us.

#5 Sweaty Pigs

In Texas during the middle of summer, I lost my virginity to a hunk on a leather couch. Until today I can still hear the sound of my sweaty butt against the leather couch, as we were both sweating like pigs.

#6 The Bite

Since having little idea, thanks to porn, about going down and munching on the vagina. I tried to do exactly that but unfortunately while munching and sucking, I went and bit her clit a little too hard, well the rest is history.

#7 Bad Facial

I tried to be the man of the moment with her doing all those things I had seen on the internet, little realizing that it doesn’t work always. While sitting on top of her when she was blowing me, I instantly jerked on her full face, and that’s it, the virginity subject remained null and void.

#8 Shy Guy

I kept seeking permission from her for doing everything during the $3xual foreplay, as I was a very shy and an introvert type of guy. Even though she had given me the go signal “f*ck the shit out of me” though hilarious but at the same time the worst thing to happen.

#9 Five Condoms

Fear of getting her pregnant on my first encounter with $3x, I made sure to wear five condoms for safety. Well, the result was that the p3nis’s blood circulation got choked and made it purple finally, I had to cut each condom with the scissors and have it removed. What worst can happen then this?

#10 The Farter

As my legs were strangled around her breasts and my p3nis was by her face, I was just straining to jerk off when I farted on her boobs, she heard it too and felt the vibration, though I did get a relief, at the same time it was very embarrassing.

 #11 Cherry-Pie Eating Winner

After the first session of $3x, I once again ate my virgin girl inside out during the second session, since the room was dark, little did I realize that there was already blood down there from her hymen, I thought she was all wet and wild. When later I went for a wash and looked up in the mirror, you can call it the worst moment of my life, where it seemed as if I had won a cherry-pie-eating contest

 #12 Price Of Worry

It was my first time but this tiny girl with a baby face and my age having plenty of experience with other guys before me. So I was the virgin here, yet I was more worried about hurting her due to her body status, so I tried to be extra careful. Next, I hear her complaining that she felt as if she was having $3x with Mr. Rogers our old Librarian. A worst first-time compliment

#13 Laughter All The way

I just couldn’t stop laughing during the entire $3xual intercourse episode, as this has been my nature, that whenever I am nervous, I just laugh away, even though nothing would be funny. This is one of my worst character defects, but sadly the girls mistake me as a psycho.

#14 Mother For Company

Both of us were virgins and alone at home, with my mother away. Without wasting a moment, we get down to the act and then the phone rings, which had an answering machine. I still carry on and just as I was about to come, the phone beeps and my mother leaves a long 5-minute message, which apparently was louder than our moans. The best and worst losing virginity moment with my mother’s voice in the background.

#15 Nailed It

When I finally tried to insert my finger into her vagina, she started feeling uncomfortable and this carried on for some time eventually, I gave up and it did not proceed further. Back in school, I found all girls smiling at me and some were calling me ‘nails’, later on, I found it was my fingernails which needed to be trimmed. Today after some years she has turned into a lesbian and I’ve turned out to be a gay. I wonder whether the nail was behind this


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