15 Sculptures Breaking the Laws of Physics – Smartphone Generation

Throughout the world and even on the Internet — say hello to modern technology — you can discover stunning sculptures. Their creators simply destroyed all the traditions that ruled the world of fine art. We at Smartphone generation take our hats off to the masters who make impossible things real.

1.Underwater sculptures, Mexico

© Scuba Catalog

2. Involution

3. Runner, Greece

© G Da

4. Diminish And Ascend, Australia

© Matthew Perkins 

5. karma, USA

© Alyx Dellamonica 

6. wonderland, CANADA

© Neil Howard  

7. Last Supper, USA

© Gord McKenna  

8. Features of gravity for the elephant, France

© Jean-Pierre Dalbéra 

9. The Chadknight

Source twitter

10. Ali and Nino, Georgia

© thebadmanpuntedbaxter / imgur 

 11.  The Inevitabilty of time

© Adam Martinakis /3d visual 

12. Monument of Violinist, Netherland

© Paul Arps

13. Balancing Sculpture, Dubai

© Deutsche Bank

14. Diamond, Australia

© russellstreet  


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