14 Facts That Nobody Told You About Ladies – Smartphone Generation

Women are still in many ways, a mystery to most men. But men, well most of them, are an open book. We like things simple. Which a woman is not. So ladies, here are a few things about you which scares men. Let’s hope you don’t use that against us.

#1. Men Can Open Up To Women Without Even Realising It.

Guys find it easier to share their feelings and what not with their female friends and end up telling them almost every little detail. And they’re scared that women could use that against them of they upset her.

#2. Your Quick Instinct To Defend Any Criticism.

You were probably rolling your eyes at “ladies have more feelings.. “.  Yes, that scares men too. Not because it’s a terror to prove you wrong but because it’s too much of an effort and most of the time the outcome is again, unpredictable.

#3 Their “Feelings”. 

Ladies have more feelings and being able to be in tune with them is quite important. The problem with that is they are erratic and unpredictable. And that scares men. Well at least most of them.

#4 “I’ll Die Alone”

Another thing that scares men is that no woman will ever fall in love with him.

#5 Possessive Ladies This Superpower Of Changing Men’s Mind.

Yes, ladies, you have the power to change a man’s mind instantly.

#6 Your Friends

Because they are women too and they possess the power to change your mind.

#7 Your Best Friend Who Conveniently Hates The Guy You Are Dating. 

The guy hates her as much as she hates him and acting nice around her can be too much.

#8 Loosing You

Sounds kind of desperate but it’s true. Men don’t want to scare their ladies off or lose them to their awkwardness.

#9 “Does That Make Me Look Fat?” 

#10 “What Are You Thinking About?” 

Am I too old to watch Dragon Ball?Probably not.

#11 Your Double Standards. If You Have Any. 

But no one will say that in your face.

#12 That Thing You Do When You Label Someone As CREEPY.

Because your labels spread like wildfire

#13 The Things You Can Do In A Divorce Court.

And the horrors that will follow after it.

#14 That A Woman Actually Loves Him.

It’s a pretty scary realization for some men.


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