10+ People Who Just Realized They’re Dating An Idiot – Smartphone Generation

Does your accomplice botch the shells of pistachio nuts for seashells? Maybe they bolt the keys of their lock TO their latch so they don’t lose them? Or, then again perhaps they make you cheddar sandwiches for lunch without taking the plastic off first? 


In the event that you addressed yes to any of these things at that point I’m sorry to learn it to you yet your accomplice is most likely a dolt. Try not to give up be that as it may, in light of the fact that as should be obvious from this clever rundown collected by Smartphone Generation, you’re absolutely not the only one. From beaus who think World War One began on account of 9/11, to lady friends who think canine treats are really delectable Christmas treats, this accumulation of epic accomplice comes up short will make you understand that there’s dependably some individual stupider than you. Keep in mind to vote in favor of the most interesting!

#1 My Husband Asked My Gynecologist If He Was A Texas Longhorn

 #2 My Girlfriend And I Are Having A Contest To See Who’s The Best Cook. I Walked In On Her Trying To Cook A Steak. I Think I Might Win This One.

 #3 My Girlfriend Just Sent Me This Image And Asked “Is This A HDMI Cabel?”

 #4  She Just Wanted To Keep The Cheese Fresh

#5 Present From A Cat

 #6 Very Wholesome Intentions

 #7 So My Girlfriend Didn’t Want To Lose The Keys To Her Lock

 #8 I Told My Boyfriend I Wasn’t Feeling Well And Asked Him To Buy A Thermometer On His Way Home From Work

 #9 My Girlfriend Just Asked What The “No” On This Switch Meant

 #10 I Asked My Wife To Bring My Basement Shoes To Me. She Said “The Opaads?”

 #11 This Is How My Wife Decided To Unpack Her New Cable

 #12 So Real 

 #13 North 


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